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We eliminate the frustration dealing with multiple service providers by bundling network connectivity, support and a monitoring service - a "one stop" solution. You will receive a single monthly invoice - no more verifying multiple supplier invoices. You can use your saved time for more........

Single point of contact

Our many years of experience in networking and telephony have enabled us to develop a unique range of support bundles with a single point of contact. We are here to help.

Nationwide support

No more wasting time trying to resolve your video conferencing problems. Wherever you may be in South Africa, be it Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth or Pretoria, we will resolve your problem.

Fully managed rentals

No more dealing with complex technology and multiple suppliers. We install and manage the equipment on your premises, with reliable connectivity. Our rentals are flexible and upgradeable. You simply use the equipment, we do the rest.

EasyConnectivity "access circuits"

Fibre optic connectivity

Do you require high speed data circuit to support video connectivity?

Today's fibre optic circuits are the "state-off-the-art" and can easily be upgraded as your the demands for more bandwidth increases. There is practically no limit to the speed you can get on a fibre optic circuit

ADSL connectivity

Do you wish to connect a small branch or home office inexpensively?

Using the traditional analogue circuit from Telkom we can upgrade the circuit to support a "best-efforts" internet service which is fully managed. We take responsiblity for the circuit, bandwidth and monitoring.

Enhanced Ethernet Express

Telkom has "end-off-lifed" Diginet, do you have a strategy to replace your Diginet circuits?

Using an Enhanced Ethernet Express - EEE - circuit (speeds up to 4Mbps) you can easily replace your Diginet circuits.

ISDN connectivity

Do you require ISDN connectivity for your video meetings?

Today's video conference enviroment still has a requirement to connect to legacy video conference systems using ISDN.