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Affordable and easy to use video conferencing systems with reliable and consistent user experience. We bundle video conferencing equipment with network connectivity, support and a monitoring service - a one stop solution. No more wasting time trying to resolve video conference problems with multiple suppliers.

Our offerings


Are you struggling to justify purchasing equipment to provide video multi-site infrastructure? Our Videolinx services requires no purchase and maintaining of hardware - simply subscribe to our global multi-site site service - hassle free.

Video conferencing

Organisations frequently require remotely dispersed teams to be at on-site meetings, typically at head office. We provide an easy way to be present at these meetings from anywhere in the world no matter what video technology you have.


EasyConnectivity is a fully managed service which includes the WAN equipment, access circuits, support, real time monitoring with a single point of contact. No more struggling with multiple or unreliable suppliers.


No more wasting time trying to resolve your telephone and video conference problems. Log a fault with our national helpdesk - single point of contact. With our services, we make the use of technology easy, saving you time so you can do more....

Our focus


Atlantic is a South African enterprise that provides fully integrated telecommunications and video conference solutions that include equipment, connectivity, support and monitoring services. Our focus is to make your experience easy.

  • Complex technology made easy
  • Fully managed rentals
  • Single point of contact
  • Nationwide support

"We strive to simplify our customers lives and give them back some of their own time for more...."

Founder, Douglas Reed

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